Home Security Tips

Here are two ways for you to protect your home from break-ins.

  • Hardware:
    These can be physical things in place to prevent unwanted entry such as doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, cameras, door reinforcers and so on.
  • Behaviour:
    By getting into good habits there are plenty of things that you can do to prevent burglaries. For example, always make sure that:
       - Doors and windows are locked if you're not in the room.
       - Alarms are activated when you need them to be.
       - Valuables are kept out of sight, especially things like laptops, games consoles and car keys!
  • Prevent Burglary

    If you're going away on holiday make sure the post doesn't pile up - a dead giveaway that no one is home. If you have a neighbor you trust ask them to pick it up for you.

    Don't Post Your Travel Dates on Social Media

    Make sure that your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter don't give away your travel dates or address. It could reach unintended audiences so it's probably best to share your holiday news once you're back at home.

    Don't Forget To Lock Your Shed

    Install locks on the door and windows. Always lock your shed properly - not only can the contents of the shed be stolen but it may contain tools that a thief can use to break into your property!

    Don't Give A Burglar A Leg Up

    Make sure things like wheelie bins and garden furniture are out of the way or tied up so that they can't be used to give thieves help to access an upper floor window.

    Mark Your Possessions

    If you can, mark your possessions in a way that can lead them back to you should they be stolen. You could write your postcode and house number. If your property is easily identifiable as yours it makes it harder to sell which is deters burglars.

    Choose A Good Place For The Spare Key

    Don't leave a spare key somewhere obvious like under the doormat. If you've forgotten your keys and can still get into your house then so can someone unsavoury!

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